Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 5th

The city of Montreux is just as beautiful as Brienz, and the prices reflect that. I have decided that Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world-- the exchange rate of the Franc is almost equal to that of the Dollar--however, food and service items cost 4 times as much. I spent over 80 Francs today-- all that with a miser's attitude. I can't wait to hit places that deal in Euros... (sarcasm).
Some other observations:
1. I am in awe of the scenery in the Swiss country side
2. The people are very nice here-- even though most everything in in French-- which is another thing: I am amazed by the fact that one can travel 2 hours by car and be in place where a completely different language is spoken. I can deal with the German, but i speak no French-- I wish I spoke French...
3. European cities are great for walks. Drivers yield to pedestrians and there are well maintained sidewalks.
4. We recorded our first concert and Montreux. The One O'Clock played a 75 minute set on an outdoor stage-- we were very well received.
5. People here stay up ALL night. At 2 in the morning, people were still out an about on the boardwalk-- this prompted a 2 AM jam session... outside of the hotel. Half of the band congregated in my room for several hours as we enjoyed tasty libations and good company.

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