Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 18th: Day 2 in Perugia

The festival is still going strong-- brought to you by Hag coffee and its "Pleasure Moments" campaign. Speaking of coffee, the coffee in Italy is amazing- and for only one Euro (for an espresso or latte), I can drink a ton.
That being said, I used today to catch up on some much deserved sleep (most likely spurred on by the over consumption of coffee, i'm certain).
Highlights of the day include:
1. consuming my 15th Italian pizza in 4 days: I am surprised at the quantity of pizza that is served in this country; I expected it to be a false stereotype. Like there were bikes in Amsterdam, there is pizza and pasta here (even in nice restaurants).
2. Playing another great set at the Umbria festival. We performed during the 9.30 time slot-- which, unfortunately, made it impossible to go watch Chaka Khan at 8.45. I took my last solo as a member of the One O'Clock (I didnt play one on the next show) over my arrangement of 3 Blind Mice. The audience was once again, humongous.

Tomorrow is Neil Slater's last performance as leader of the One O'Clock Lab Band. It will mark the end of a 27 year career- This also marks the last performances of at least half of the members of the band.

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