Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 16th:Addendums

I remembered other things about our travels:
Addendum to Rotterdam:
Here is the much promised list of people I was unable to see at North Sea: Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Kenny Wheeler, Bobby McFerrin, The Mars Volta, Alicia Keys, Zappa, Phil Woods, Diana Krall (Phil captured the true face of Diana Krall), and about 30 other acts you would probably recognize--keep in mind that all were free, all were in a small area, and all were occuring at the same time on Sunday.
Another thing I somehow forgot to mention: UNT alumnus and fellow trombonist Jeremy Stones spent the day with the band-- he happens to be in Rotterdam doing graduate work. He did a great job at the cd table, using his pretty face to sell merchandise.
--former UNT trombonists have been showing great enthusiasm and making great efforts to attend shows (maybe we just have the free time!). Another surprise guest at the concert was Jason Hausbak's middle school band director who he hadn't seen in 15 years.
PS. the Band misses stroopwafels.

Addendum to Amsterdam:
I left out two things:
1. There have been these "fast food" meat stands that sell kebab etc. in every country we traveled to. I'm certain that a person could make a killing of of one of those on Fry Street-- although it may not pass the stringent health codes of the Fry Street area.
2. I met Evan Weiss's older brother (the younger one), Adam, in Amsterdam. He has been living and working there for over a year (and of course, they look just alike).

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