Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 20th: Day trip to Florence

I dont understand how English speakers derived the word Florence our of the native name Firenze. It was destined to be yet another day of walking-- although I dont think any of us really expected to be walking around for 8 hours-- I wore questionably comfortable flip-flops.
There is the most amazing artwork in Florence, most notably, David-- I opted out of seeing the actual David, mainly because there are about 5 copies of him scattered about the city, the cost was 13 Euro, and the que was an hour long. Instead we braved the 2.5 hour line at the largest of the Medici' museums. This was most definitely worth it-- the museum is MASSIVE and contains hundreds of ancient sculptures aw well as painting from every Italian artist you could imagine. Near the end of the museum there is even a room full of books of neumatic notation (old music) from the 14th century. Pretty amazing. I am disappointed htat I was unable to see more that I did in Florence. It would have been beneficial if I had re read my book from 12th grade humanities class (so I would be able to concisely describe the artwork).

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