Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Im way behind

I just got to a computer for the first time in Rome-- in an internet cafe. I have a whole bunch of posts that Ive written and not been able to post because of the inordinately expensive cost of internet (10 Euro for 14 minutes at my hotel) -- so those will come later. So far Rome = huge, old , inspiring, and quite a tiring walk. Until later!

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Kait said...

Yeah, unfortunately, I found the same to be true in regards to the insanely high cost of internet in Rome. Even after walking around forever and finally finding an internet cafe (as opposed to using the hotel's ridiculously overpriced option), it was still close to 10 euros/hr. Yikes. And yes, Rome = lots and lots of walking. But it also = lots and lots of gelato YUM!!!!! As my guide book kindly explained to me, "Gelato is traditionally eaten as a snack". Done, and done!